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Toco - Outro Lugar

by soul seduction
"Outro Lugar" is Toco's second album. Born Tomaz Di Cunto, Toco is a Brazilian songwriter from Sao Paulo who despite his young age is a passionate connoisseur as well as admirer of original Bossa Nova from the 60's. He absorbed the archetypal characteristics of the harmonies and the rhythms of that genre to offer them again in his own personal, contemporary style. As his first album "Instalaçao do Samba" even this second one is produced by Stefano Tirone ( S-Tone Inc. ). Toco on the other hand collaborated in S-Tone Inc.'s most recent work "Luz y Sombra". He co-wrote and interpreted some crucial songs like "Beira do mar" and "Verao".
"Outro Lugar" benefits from the outstanding contribution of Roberto Menescal, the maestro as well as pioneer of Bossa Nova, who played the guitar in every track in the meantime offering a precious source of inspiration. The great majority of the album was recorded in Rio De Janeiro, precisely in the studio of Menescal with the participation of some amongst the best 'carioca' musician. Particularly double-bass player Adriano Giffoni, pianist Adriano Souza who played also in Rosalia De Souza's album "Brasil Precisa Balançar", which incidentally happens to be produced by Roberto Menescal. All these elements contributed in giving the album the exact taste that artist and producer decided to achieve: inspired from the past yet aimed at creating a sound resulting fresh and modern through thorough attention; lightly touched by electronic, filled with grooves perfectly blending into acoustic instruments. The second part of the recording was carried out in Milan. It features the collaboration of some among the best musicians in the Milanese jazz scene, on horns as well as cello. The album also sees the contribution of Rosalia De Souza, singing in several tracks and standing out in "Bom Motivo" especially. The French chanteuse Coralie Clement features in "La Conradiction", her own piece re-interpreted by Toco in this album. He did it also as an homage to the French audience who showed support to him from the start, showing a lot of appreciation for Toco's music. Several tracks in the album are worth mentioning, from the opening track "Outro Lugar" which spreads with smooth strings to then reach its peak as a classic Bossa; then "Litoral" , fresh and sunny; "Barracao", instead is one of the most elegant. "Zum Zum", is an vibrant cover of a piece already interpreted by the great Edu Lobo. In this version it becomes a Samba-Jazz highlighting the electric keys played by Donatinho, no less than Joao Donato's son. He also contributed to the the song "Voz da Lapa", which was written by Toco and featured previously in Rosalia De Souza's album "Brasil Precisa Balançar". The version in this album by Toco is a Soul-Funk though. Certainly the most distinctive piece in the album is "Samba noir", which is a slow, hypnotic Samba meeting 'cinematic' atmospheres as suggested by the title itself. This composition co-written with Stefano Tirone stands as an instance on how Brazilian music cam trace future directions still setting off from its own past. This album is for all lovers of Brazilian music, linked to the period of original Bossa Nova and Jazz Samba, yet wishing to hear a more modern and current sound of it. It does not have to be necessarily full of electronic, here it is merely used to complement the production without seeming too much ever. With "Outro Lugar" Toco ratifies his profile of refined and cultured musician (who wrote 10 of 12 tracks). A gifted performer of a warm and smooth voice able to awaken the emotions of the most sensitive ones in the audience.

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