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Gila Antara - StarChild


01 (06:00) Earth Child, Star Child
02 (07:43) Eleo Chiwio
03 (06:54) Shine Your Night
04 (05:19) Fire Child
05 (07:17) The Wind
06 (05:48) Hiyoway Earthchant
07 (06:46) Umaneiha Starchild
08 (08:58) Mother Ocean
09 (04:33) Georgian Church Song
10 (04:41) The Strength In Me
11 (03:41) Earth My Body
12 (11:12) Call For Spirit

Eigene Kompositionen und Arrangements indianischer Chants von Gila, z.T. gesungen in der natürlichen Umgebung von Meer, Wald und Flüssen. Lieder, die Himmel und Erde verbinden. Ein irisches Liebes- und ein gregorianisches Kirchenlied.

Gila Antara - Moondance. There Is No Rush.


01 (4:45) Return
02 (9:57) Spirit Of The Wind
03 (9:29) Let The New In
04 (7:56) Aja - Morning Call
05 (9:14) Fill Me
06 (8:25) There Is No Rush
07 (5:23) Moondance
08 (1:58) Song-Weaving
09 (3:40) Clouds Of The Sky
10 (6:02) All The Winds Blow
11 (6:26) Let Me Be Close
12 (5:06) Into The Silence

Zwölf Lieder und Chants von Gila Antara, inspirierten Freunden und aus der indianischen Tradition.Lieder über das Mysterium des Lebens und der Liebe, Improvisationen. Kraft- und seelenvolle Chorgesänge.

Gila Antara - Fly like an eagle


01 (5:52) The River Is Flowing
02 (3:52) We Are The Power
03 (4:07) I Am A Circle
04 (5:01) Tall Trees, Warm Fire
05 (6:14) Mother I Feel You
06 (2:00) Fly Like An Eagle
07 (3:51) Long Wing Feather
08 (4:57) The Winds And I
09 (4:09) Trust Your Own Thinking
10 (6:54) The Past Is Over

Dieses Album enthält einige der bekanntesten amerikanisch-indianischen Chants, die mit ihren einfachen Texten das Herz berühren, leicht mitzusingen, inspirierend und aufbauend sind.

Christian Bollmann - Heilende Lieder. Healing Songs

01 (04:55) Wer steht an der Tür und ruft nach mir
02 (08:23) I Am A Circle, I Am Healing You
03 (10:03) Purification
04 (15:56) Healing Cycle
05 (03:08 ) Psalm 23
06 (10:30) Bavalam Bavalam Kevalam
07 (09:27) Peace Be To You
08 (04:06) Huna Mantram
09 (02:52) Andachtsjodler
10 (02:30) Ausklang

Playing Time : 71:50

Info: www.lichthaus-musik.de/
a german group, so only description in german:

Healing Songs sind Lieder aus verschiedenen Kulturen, die gesungen werden um Heilprozesse zu unterstützen, die in Heilritualen eingesetzt werden und denen man heilende Kräfte zuspricht. Sie sind mir begegnet auf dem Sufisommercamp in den französischen Alpen und im Austausch mit meinen Seminarteilnehmern. Die Auswahl und Zusammenstellung entspricht dem Prozess eines universellen Heilungsrituals, angelehnt an den Ablauf traditioneller Heilrituale verschiedener Kulturen auf der ganzen Welt, mit einer Einstimmung, der Verbindung mit der göttlichen Heilkraft, Öffnung, Reinigung, Harmonisierung auf verschiedenen Ebenen, Trost, Segen, Manifestation positiver Lebenseinstellung und Ausklang.

Robert Gass - Ancient Mother

13 Songs to celebrate the Divine Mother in all her forms and guises

The spirit of the Great Goddess comes to life as traditional female singers, priestesses and shamans from Celtic, Afro-American, Yoruba, Hawaiian, East Indian, Hungarian, and Native American traditions are joined by the renowned On Wings of Song singers. The music is both ageless and contemporary, ranging from the 11th Century plainsong of Hildegard of Bingen to ecstatic gospel rock, all set in natural environmental backgrounds of birds, rivers, cicadas and crickets, humpback whales and the ocean.

Homepage Robert Gass: sacredunion.com/

Ancient Mother is an extraordinary tapestry of chants all in praise of the divine feminine. Master composer/producer Robert Gass and the 35+ women of the On Wings of Song chorale are joined by indigenous priestesses, shamans and vocal artists including metis medicine woman Brooke Medicine Eagle, Hawaiian chanter Auntie Edith Kekuhi Kananka’ole, Indian devotional singer Kalpana Mazumber, Yoruba initiate Nurudafina Abena and famed Celtic singer Niorin Ni Riain.

Thomas Barquee - The Sound of Om

1. Om Maha Devaya Namaha
2. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
3. Om Namah Shivaya
4. Hare Krishna Hare Rama
5. Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama
6. Om Dum Durgayei Namaha
7. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Jonathan Goldman - Chakra Chants 2

1. Base "Earth Tones"
2. Sacral "Waters of Life"
3. Naval "Shaman's Fire"
4. Heart "Heart Song"
5. Throat "Language of Light"
6. 3rd Eye "Celestial Vision"
7. Crown "Angelic Calling"

Nina Hagen - Om Namah Shivaya


1.) Om Hraum - 4:17
2.) Om Namah Shivaya -6:27
3.) Guru Rinpoche Mantra -8:56
4.) Aad guray -6:03
6.) Om Purnam I -3:57
7.) Om Purnam II -5:16
8.) Brahma-Nandam -9:48

Mantras are rapidly becoming the music of choice for people seeking solace in sound, and Deva Premal, dubbed by one reviewer as "the Enya of mantra," is the voice they're turning to. With close to 400,000 CDs sold worldwide and a buzz of interest from ardent fans ranging from yogis, therapists and alternative health practitioners to Cher and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deva Premal and her partner Miten have achieved a huge degree of recognition in the blossoming niche world of yoga music.

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patricie anzari CHANTINGS (1993)

01 (3:45) I Am A Circle
02 (2:56) The River Is Flowing
03 (3:26) The Earth Is Our Mother
04 (4:06) Fly The Air Eagle
05 (3:10) Return
06 (2:58) I Am On The Endless Journey
07 (4:50) All The Eartrh Is Sacred
08 (2:40) I Am The Light Of The World
09 (4:22) Bozi Laska
10 (2:55) Dear Friends
11 (2:43) Shalom
12 (3:01) Allah Hu
13 (3:26) La Illaha Illa'llah
14 (2:50) Allah
15 (2:45) Om Shanti
16 (3:32) Hare Bolo
17 (4:10) Genesha
18 (2:12) Gloria
19 (2:18) Jubilate Deo
20 (2:10) Salvador Mundi
21 (5:23) The Doors To My Heart

Playing Time : 69:38
Total Size : 95,9 MB

21 sacred song from different forges world (christian,jewish,arabic,indic,indian) with patrix on sang
at live appearance 298 people


PhDr. Patricia Anzari, CSc. is a very popular Czech psychoterapist, having been in private practise since 1990.

She is a prominent Czech representative of Transpersonal psychology, a founder of the Transpersonal Society and training in the holotrophic breathwork in the Czech republic, a holder of the Prof. Stanislav Grof International Certificate. She works in primary prevention, inspires hundredes of people to spiritual feelings and rightful ways of living. She works with individuals and families and creates special programs for children. Her style is multidimensional, and includes transpersonal psychoterapy, creative and ethnic dance, T'ai-Chi singing, encounter and gestalt techniques, psychodrama and intuitive shamanic ways.

Miten: Global Heart Native Soul

Wunderbare, aus der Mitte des Seins stammende Weltmusik. Traditionelle Chants und Lieder des Herzens, gespielt von hervorragenden Musikern aus der ganzen Welt, dazu die seelenberührende Stimme Deva Premals. Der Weg führt in die Stille.

"A refreshing, groovy album for dancing with beautiful traditional songs from different corners of the world. A dozen musicians, the fine voices of Deva Premal and Miten, lots of good sounds and rhythms done with lots of professionalism, warm hearts and stillness. Very moving...one for any party."

A rich evocative celebration of earth chants and ancient songs of the heart augmented by a gathering of first-class world musicians from the USA, England, Japan, Brazil etc.

Na Ki Le 6:07
Ya Az Im 6:39
Global Heart 7:12
Yanna Wanna 4:47
Hari Om 5:13
Ku Wa Te 5:22
Ha Jina 3:32
Dil Se Dil 6:46
Sangita 1:54

Sophia: Chakra Healing Chants

1.Gaia shekhinah nama om
2.Uma...jai ma!
3.The orbit - nam myoho
4.Heart of earth
5.Thy song
6.Infinite wisdom
7.Be still
8.The beginning

Die als "Song-Heilerin" gefeierte Sängerin und Multiinstrumentalistin Sophia lädt zusammen mit David Gordon vom erfolgreichen Worldmusic-Duo David & Steve Gordon (schamanischen Trommeln) zu einer ganz besonderen Körper-Geist-Musik-Reise ein: Eine Reise durch die sieben Chakras, getragen vom Fluß spiritueller Klänge.

"Sophia is a "songhealer" who has been making music for over 20 years. From her earliest love songs and uplifting originals to her deeper healing sounds, such as "Hidden Waters, Sacred Ground," to recent tribal releases like "Return," she has evolved and grown artistically to meet the changing times. With her long-awaited new CD, she delves into true healing journeys with this treatment on the chacras through a river of sacred sound. Serene vocal tones surround the ancient chants from the inside out, to soothe and purify the body's energy centers. She has the gift to make foreign sounds friendly, to bring the ancient wisdom into intimate settings, and to offer these gifts in soothing, serene, and uplifting ways. Sophia attracted some major musicians to support her vision on this beautiful new CD: David Gordon, Hans Christian, Raphael, Schawkie Roth, Girish Gambhira, Gary Stadler, Wayne Perry, Kim Waters and others all lend their expertise and shared vision to these planetary! emanations."

Jane Winther - Mantra

01 Om Mani Padme Hum I
02 Om Ahh Hum
03 Om Mani Padme Hum II
04 Om Mani Padme Hum III
05 Om Mani Padme Hum IV
06 Om Mani Padme Hum V
07 Om


01 (4:54) Heyanana
02 (5:51) The earth is our mother
03 (7:35) The river is flowing
04 (3:30) We all come from the goddess
05 (6:01) Kuate lenoleno maote
06 (4:02) Neesa Neesa Neesa
07 (3:53) Hey neyana
08 (9:27) Fly like an eagle
09 (3:37) Cost of freedom
10 (3:15) Heyangua
11 (2:58) Earth is my body
12 (3:53) We circle around
13 (2:58) Thank you for this day
14 (5:17) Evening rise, spirit come

EARTH SPIRIT ist die Bearbeitung (nicht nur) indianischer Songlines, die um die Welt gehen. Viele wurden durch Sun Bear überliefert und dem Weiterleben für den ganzen Planeten übergeben. Somit sind sie auch der Dynamik der heutigen Zeit überantwortet, damit sie den Geist, die Werte und die damit verbundenen Emotionen lebendig halten und transformieren zur Erhaltung dieser Welt. Im Mitsingen können wir uns am besten dem Wesen dieser Musik in seiner ursprünglichen Bedeutung und ihrer Botschaft für uns heute als klingende und fühlende Menschen nähern.

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